Joy of Meeting with Angels 天使に触れる喜び

We had a new student last week. She was from Maryland, the East Cost of United States. It's a quite traveling to Hawaii. She is very sweet and studious student.

It is a nervous event to move to a different school. When I was a second grader, my family moved to Tokyo from Kochi. I was sad that I could no longer play with my friends in Kochi, and I was anxious to see if I could easily make new friends at a new school. "I wonder what Tokyo is like." "I heard there are tons of people. I better not get lost there." "There are many famous universities, so I bet children are studying hard there." These were some of the things I was thinking.

By the third day at a new school, she made new friends and answered me, "I like Hawaii" when I asked her, "So far are you enjoying living here?"

Yesterday, after a lunch recess, she came up to me and reached her hand to me without saying anything. She was gently holding this beautiful small Plumeria flower in her small hand. I received it, smelled it, put it on my hair, and said, "Thank you."

This was one of those moments that reminded me why I like to be around children, the moment I feel like touched by an angel.








Emmalee said...

Moments like that are the best thing about teaching. In the hard and annoying times, remember those moments.

Carlen said...

Wow, how sweet!

BreeWee said...

oh how I miss these moments, they make you appreciate life, love, and eachother...