Setting up the Classroom 教室の準備

In August, I was busy getting ready for the new school year. One of the things I was doing was to set up the classroom. Today, I will post some photos from the school I am working at now. The picture above is a play structure donated to the school recently. Children love to play with the swing and the slide; they also come up with their own creative ideas to play with it.

(Japanese) 8月いっぱいは新学期の準備に忙しくしていました。

Toys and teaching materials I received from a teacher who used to teach the grade I am teaching this year.

(Japanese) 私が今年教えている学年を、昨年教えていた先生から譲り受けたおもちゃや教材たち。

The first thing I did was to clean the wall. The black points on the left wall was mold. You can see the difference by looking at the right wall which is after the mold was cleaned with bleach. The school is located where it rains a lot, so dealing with mold would be something I need to work on.

(Japanese) まず一番初めにしたことは、教室の壁のカビをきれいにすることでした。左側の黒く見えるものがカビ。右が漂白剤でこすった後。それからペンキを塗りました。学校が雨のよく降る地域にあるので、カビ対策が要です。

This is the classroom after painted. I like the yellow and blue colors.

(Japanese) ペンキを塗り直した後の教室。柔らかい黄色と床の青が好きです。


Carlen said...

Yay I am so glad you updated the blog!! I understand how busy you must be. Thank you for sharing all your recent updates, a lot has been happening! I am always here if you need anything! - your tomodachi

Akari Ueoka said...

Thank you for keep encouraging me to update my blog. I have been reading yours and enjoying to learn what you are up to. Thank you for your kind words, too. I am also here for you always if you need anything. I would love to visit Oahu sometime soon to hang out with you, Carlen. Also, thank you for being the first follower of this blog! Love, Akari