Bollywood Dance Performance ボリウッドダンスパフォーマンス

Last night, I danced at the Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center's fund raising event.

I heard that this fund raising event happens every year, and the fund will be used to enrich visual arts education for the local children of Maui. Every year, the theme of the fund raising event differs, and this year, it was Bollywood! They asked my dance teacher, Sarala Dandeker to come and perform a piece at the event. Sarala teaches Odissi dance which is a classical Indian dance, and it is different from Bollywood, but they are both from India, so I think that's why they came to Sarala. Sarala and her students including me rehearsed for this event for the past month or so.

We had a lot of fun last night. The costumes were exotically beautiful, and everyone looked gorgeous in them and the makeup they had. Since I don't wear makeup at all in my everyday life, it was an exciting experience for me to feel like a different person with makeup on. Also, it was fun to immerse myself in a "girls' time," which I am totally estranged from, with other all female dancers as we did makeup, put the costumes on, and chatted over various things.

During my high school years, I enjoyed dancing more than anything, but I never thought to make a living as a dancer. Always working with children was my dream and passion. Yet, I love dancing, so I would like to continue to dance as my hobby for the rest of my life and want to dance even when I am an old grandma. It is my honor if my hobby extends to be seen by other people and can be enjoyed.

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