The First Trip to the Southern Part of the US 初めてのアメリカ南部への旅

(Sunrise at the Phoenix Airport in Arizona)
(Japanese: アリゾナ州のフィネックス空港での朝日。フィネックスは日本語では不死鳥という意味。)

Last week was a spring break.

I flew to the southern part of the US for the first time. (So far, I have been to NY, NJ, WI, IL, WA, OR, and CA.)

I flew there to see Ty whom I have not seen since the middle of February (well I saw him in Japan for a couple of days at the end of February, but it was way too short).

Ty is touring with legendary musicians from India, Shivkumar Sharma and Zakir Hussain as a tour manager. He now has a blog and updates it more often than I do despite of his crazily busy schedule. (I take my hat off to him.) So, for the details of the tour, you could check his blog out. Seeing Ty was of course wonderful as we missed each other very much, and to be able to meet with these wonderful musicians was such an honor and blessing for me.

First, I flew to Phoenix, AZ from Maui, then to Atlanta, GA, and then to Savannah, GA. There, it was so funny that I saw the huge tour bus the artists used came in my sight as the public bus I took from the Savanna Airport came to one of the first few intersections. I knew Ty was in the bus right away. There was an indescribable connection that brought our buses together (you would be probably reading this blog now thinking, "Yeah, yeah, right" :-) Then, the bus drove right behind the public bus, so I got off at the next bus stop and jumped in their bus. I had an interesting experience that the public bus was still not at the airport bus station about 8 minutes after its planned time, so I was wondering if the bus would come soon, and I heard a voice in my head very clearly said, "Your bus will come soon." Then, the public bus came soon after that. I wonder if the voice was talking about the public bus or the tour bus...

From there, I lost track of taking photos. I was blessed to be Ty's helper while I was there which was a busy job yet joyous to work with talented artists, so there was not time to take photos of the town, etc. Sorry if you were looking forward to them. I was happy to learn another aspect of Ty's life and be his help in any way I could.

After Savannah, we took the tour bus to New Orleans, LA (it took about 13 hours). It was the city where Hurricane Katrina attacked in August 2005. It was the city where Jazz music was born. I thought of many things...

Then, I came back to Maui. It was a 4-night-and-5-day trip. Ty will be touring another month, and then I will get to see him. I look forward to that.

Being able to visit a place where I have never been to and to meet new people give me opportunities to expand my horizon, so I am grateful. It does not mean that people who do not travel has a limited sight. There are people who have a great understanding of the world without traveling. For me, traveling is one of efficient ways to educate myself, so I am grateful for that.

The below are several photos I managed to take (mainly aerial photos on the way back to Maui). Please click them to enlarge.

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Savannah Airport: this where I was waiting for the bus.

Lukas Theater in Savannah

Ty doing a sound check.

A clarinet was painted on a wall of a hotel in New Orleans.

I was so impressed with this BORDERS in New Orleans. I want to see how the inside is.

I don't remember when I took this photo. I think it was when I just took off New Orleans.

I thought that even highway can be an art form. This design looked beautiful to me. When the cars drive on these highways are totally environmentally friendly, it will be a joyous day.

I thought that this photo would be a good one to show children to teach geometric.

Suddenly, the ground becomes deeper. I wonder where it is. I also wonder if this was the bottom of the ocean a long time ago...

I love this one, too. It looks like a map!

As I reached Arizona, it beacme more desert.

A cloud floating by itself and its shadow.

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