Report of My Recent Days 3 近況報告その3

In June, I did not have a teaching job, but I was working for Tala Records. When people find out I live on Maui, some of them say, "Oh, then you must go to beach everyday." Well, the reality is not that easy. Living in paradise is not cheap. Maui is expensive to live, so a lot of people have two jobs to keep up. There was not quite enough time to fully enjoy the summer time on Maui, but as I wrote in the previous blog entry, I enjoyed attending my friends' weddings and going for a half-day hike.

Then, Ty and I flew to Boulder, Colorado. Ty has lived in Boulder for the past twenty some years. Although he was traveling 80% of a year, he always kept Boulder as his "fort." We don't know yet where we will settle down after we get married. Ty wants to live in Japan sometime, so we are thinking to move among Boulder, Maui, and Japan. Well, we will see. The photo above is a beautiful sunset that we saw on the way to Kahului Airport on Maui as our friend, Mike Crall was driving us. It would be a short good bye to Maui. "I will come back soon, Maui."



On the other hand, Colorado welcomed us with a beautiful blue sky. (This sky was seen from a bus stop at Denver Airport.)


Ty travels with Tabla all the time, and sometimes, depends on which airline he uses, his check-in luggage over weighs. In such occasion, he takes out the high drum instead of paying the fee and makes it as a carry-on luggage. Therefore, he is holding his high drum as we were waiting for a bus.


As soon as we arrived at our Boulder home, we slept for about two days. It was truly needed. We had been going and going with wrapping up the school year, Dhvani show, Tala Records, and so on, so it was really good to just sleep. Plus, I didn't feel so good due to the high altitude and, and I got a minor cold while I was traveling. I usually have to be sick to relax (which is kind of sick), so it was a good timing to be sick, and the house is located at a very quiet neighborhood, and isolated from everything, so it feels as if only two of us exist in the world. A good environment to just go into a "cave" and recoup energy. The photo above is us playing a staring game after we made our hair like samurai's.


After we charged our "batteries," we were invited by Ty's long-time best friend, Timothy Dobson to play at the dance circle near Naropa University. Please read Ty's Diary for more details.

It was the 4th of July, and there was going to be fireworks, too. The photo above shows people gathering to find a spot to lie down to watch the fireworks.




We also had a wonderful hike to Indian Peaks.

A beautiful wild flower!

A wild mushroom.

I thought it was a brilliant color this moss has.

But you cannot relax too long. We had to get ready for concerts in Chicago and Fort Wayne (in Indiana). We packed up our staff and all the music gears in this blue Mercedes's van. It runs on diesel as well as bio diesel. It can carry many things, easily turns around, and is good for the environment.


We saw this cute, old car running as fast as any other car.

A bit closer. It's cute, but it looked a bit inconvenient to drive on highway because of the wind. I wonder if they could see the view.


"A view 1" I saw from the highway 80.

A view 2

A view 3

Oh, I see windmills the road ahead.

Oh, they are turning and turning.

To be continued...

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