Wearing Grandma's Love おばあちゃんの愛を身にまとって

Loren's Grandma has sewn this white shirt and white skirt for me.
She is 84 years old and has been living with the Parkinson's disease for a long time. She cannot help to shake, and her fingers and hands changed their shapes due to arthritis. Yet, she made these for me.

Almost every day until they were done, she told me, "Come here." Thinking in my head, "Oh no, again..." but I was actually happy and appreciative. We repeated majoring parts of my body again and again. Towards the bottom of the skirt, it has a pink trim, and it's so cute. When I wear it, it makes me feel pure and feathery. She calls me, "That's my dolly."

A long time ago, Grandma wanted to be a seamstress, but she could not go to a school for that because her parents did not agree. So she self taught. She told me that she used to sew every night when her husband was working (he was a police officer, and he had to do a patrol at night).

Loren took this picture when I was being excited to wear it for the first time in Grandma's room.

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