A New Blog for 2010 & 2011 2010年と2011年用の新しいブログ

Every two years, I obtain a new blog address. (The template is the same, but they have different HTTP address.)

It is surprising to realize that it's been 4 years since I started my blog. For this year (2011) and the next year (2010), I will continue to write about my life at the following address. Thank you for your continuous support.

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Boulder Winter 2009 コロラドでの2009年冬

A day after the school I work at entered its winter break, I flew to Colorado where Ty has a house in a mountain. He was there since 12/8. Of course I flew there to see Ty, and also to meet Ty's son in person for the first time. Unfortunately, our schedule didn't quite work out, so I didn't meet him this time, but the day will come soon. I am very much looking forward to it!


Recently, I finished knitting this scarf for Ty's dad who lives in Chicago where a snow storm is currently hitting. I hope it will keep him warm. (I used the same yarn for the scarf I knitted for Ty last year. Here is the picture of it.)


I enjoyed knitting this pattern. I like knitting, and I would love to learn more about it when time allows.


I stayed in Boulder for three days, and the first two days were sunny. On the third day, it started to snow and it continued to snow.


Ty's car is covered with snow. Fortunately, it is a four-wheel drive, so we could drive through snow.


It was beautiful to see snow views.

Ty cut down a tree from the yard and decorated it. He calls is "Dr. Seus' Christmas Tree." I like it.


Ty and I were not that into the whole scene of Christmas (we didn't exchange any gift), but we enjoyed decorating it for Ty's son. Although he is already grown up, he is still a child of Ty and will be forever. Seeing a daddy Ty who cares for his son warmed my heart up.


Ty and I failed to get wrapping papers, so we wrapped up gifts for Ty's son using paper bags from Whole Foods. They look all right, don't they? We enjoyed wrapping them up. I busted out my Origami technique. Ha! :-D


My favorite wrapping of the year was this one. I wasn't sure how to wrap this one up, so I just rolled this chocolate Santa like a rolled sushi, and it looked as if Santa was peeking, so Ty wrote, "Ho ho ho, I can see you, ho ho ho." We laughed hard at this one.


Denver Airport in Colorado. We flew out of there for Japan on Christmas Eve. This picture was taken that day. Despite of lots of snow, the flight was on time. Phew.


Beautiful snow mountains seen from the plane.


I had a wonderful brief winter experience in Boulder.



Obubu Tea おぶぶ茶苑

From left: Fusayo, Yukari, Mika, Matsu, Akari


Fusayo and Akari dressed in "Ocha-tsumi (tea hand-picking) girls" outfit (Fusayo has a baby in her tummy who will be born in April.) She did a wonderful job serving tea with a big belly.

Yukari & Matsu - a nice husband-wife team!
ゆかりさんと松さん とても良いチームの夫婦です。

Matsu making yummy tea for the people who came

Obubu's tea is very wonderful, and they have an English website as well. www.teaofjapan.com Ty loves their tea and orders some all the time. I also have ordered some for my grandma and mom, and they enjoyed. If you happen to be in Kyoto, please visit their tea farm.

おぶぶのお茶はとてもおいしいです!こちらが彼らのウェブサイトです。www.obubu.com タイも大好きで頻繁に購入しています。私も祖母と母にインターネット上で注文しました。二人ともおいしかったよーと言っておりました。

It is a wonderful opportunity for me to experience my won culture outside of Japan. There are always fresh discoveries, and it also gives me a realization that I did not know about my own culture as much as I thought I did. This time, I learned about Japanese tea more than ever.



Promise 約束

(I made this heart with a lei given to me from a student.)

Ty came home on 12/3 from a 5-week long tour in Australia, and a week later, he had to leave for Boulder. Our life is unique. The days we get to live under the same roof is limited. It would be a lie if we say "we don't miss each other" or "it is easy." Of course, we miss each other terribly and it can be difficult time to time. However, we both value that we follow our passion/dreams that fulfills our souls. Therefore, we sincerely support each other following them. We promised to support each other as a partner in this life, and the same time, we promised to follow our own truth. I am an independent soul, and so is he. I will not become someone else in order to be liked by him. (It does not mean that I would do anything I want without considering about him.) I will not allow him to bend his truth to make me happy. He says the same thing to me. Otherwise, it will be an empty and shallow commitment which would not last long. When we meet each other as who we truly are and with our own truth, the love that springs up between us is mighty and yummy. We want to continue to feel and taste it.




"Dhvani" Movie Clips 「ドゥバニ」のビデオ映像

A part of the show "Dhvani" that was performed at Maui Art & Cultural Center (MACC) this past June was recently uploaded to YouTube, so I would like to share them with you. (A more detailed journal entry about the show can be read here.)

It's been about a half year since we had the show, and as I watch these videos, there are many points where I think to myself, "Oh, I could change that." "I should do that differently next time." Also, I think of all the people who created this stage together and feel a deep gratitude for giving such a wonderful opportunity to me who is still a "green tomato" to be on the stage with them. Thank you very much.

This particular dance piece has a story line; however, I would like you to freely interpret it in your own way. If you are interested in our plot, please feel free to read below.

The Plot: A soul who was always with the Source loses its connection to the Source after it was distracted by the worldly desire. However, the beauty of the materialism does not last long. The soul being left alone finally realizes that it is no longer with the Source and gets confused. Then, it gets fierce thinking that the Source abandoned it. After struggles, it comes to a realization that the Source was with it always and dissolves back into the Source peacefully.

今年の6月にマウイのマウイアート&カルチュアルセンター(MACC)にて演舞させて頂きました「Dhvani ドゥバニ」の舞台の一部がつい最近YouTubeにアップロードされましたので、シェアさせて頂きたいと思います。(Dhvani ドゥバニの公演についての詳しい日記はこちらにあります。)



シナリオ: いつも「源」と一緒であった魂が、俗世の物欲に魅了され源との繋がりを失います。しかし浮き世の美しさは永続的に存在せずやがて消え去ります。一人の残された魂はその源から離れたことを初めて認識し困惑します。そして見放されたと思い込み、憤(いきどお)ります。憤りの果てに源はいつもそこに共にあったことを悟ります。そしてその源へと帰っていきます。

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


ROOTS Holiday Show & Fundraiser

If you live on Maui or happen to be on the island on December 11th, please come and join us for ROOTS' second annual Holiday Show & Fundraiser. Our precious students will perform a play and dance some pieces at the very beginning of the night. Please come and support their hard work.

Date: Friday, 12/11
Time: 5:15 to 9:30 pm
Place: The Studio Maui (810 Haiku Road Haiku, HI 96708) (808) 575-9390
Admission: $15 for adults, $5 for children (under 3 free)

There will be:
  • Children’s Activities
  • Children’s Book Sale
  • Entertainment
  • Yummy & Healthy Food
  • Family Dance w/ DJ EG
  • Silent Auction & Raffle with gifts, jewelry, massage, music, photography, gift certificates, food, plants, gym membership, Reiki & more!
Bring your family and friends!

For more information call Monique Paris 269-0888 or visit www.RootsMaui.org

ROOTS was named by our students!
ROOTS is Real Ongoing Opportunities to Soar

ROOTS is a thriving community of children who LOVE to go to school and learn.

ROOTS is a learning center that supports a "Home Based" Education Program. Created in 2004, ROOTS was born from the needs of a community whose commitment to their children demanded a new kind of learning situation that is based on the individual learning process in which each student is inspired and nurtured, and where they are academically, intellectually and emotionally supported.


I am better 良くなりました

I was bedridden for some days.

My fever went up to 104F, and I had not had such high fever since I was a child. Ty happened to be gone for the 5-week tour to Australia, so I wondered if I could manage to take care of myself. However, because of my kind friends, I could manage it and recover from it. Thank you all so much!

It was an interesting sensation when I had a high fever. One night, I woke up in the middle of a night. I sat on the edge of my bed and watched shadows of trees moving on the curtains of the window. I truly thought that there was a dragon moving, and I was mesmerized by it, and after awhile, I came to a realization that I was watching shadows. At a different time, I was trying to put down a glass of water on a table. I tried that a couple of times, but the bottom of the glass did not seem to touch the table. "Strange..." that's what I thought. After some trials, I finally realized that there was no table. "Wow, look at what a high fever does to you, Akari. Wild!" That's what I thought. I felt as if my body was floating an inch above the floor, yet it was so heavy to move around. I had to walk along the wall to support myself when I went to a bathroom, and I was out of breath just to get to a bathroom.

I felt a dramatic relief when the fever came down.

What I've learned from this experience was that I had more friends who truly care about me than I thought I had. Very grateful. I also learned not to hesitate to ask for help. Great lesson. Lastly, I learned to let myself take a day-off or any break more often. I had myself on the go constantly for the past several weeks. "I am sorry, Akari." That's what I had to say to myself.

Thank you, friends, for bringing food and medicine, taking me to a doctor's appointment, and praying for my well-being! Very much appreciated!!!

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