“How do you plan to use the Microsoft products to enhance your productivity?”

I plan to use the Microsoft products to enhance my productivity by using the following Microsoft products for various purposes.
1) Microsoft Word – I will use Word to type my college papers. Also, I often use Word to type my blog entry in order to take advantage of the spell check function.
2) Microsoft Excel – I have been using Excel sheet to keep track of my expenses and income. I count up to every penny and complete a monthly summary each month. This way, I can visually see which area(s) of my expense need to be cut down.
3) Microsoft PowerPoint – Since I do my student teaching at an elementary school, I often make PowerPoint presentations to teach lessons. Children enjoy having visual aids as they learn new topics. Also, children use PowerPoint to create their own presentation on topics they are interested. PowerPoint definitely enhances children’s learning.
4) Microsoft Publisher – I use this to create my own business card, a flier to sell a car, a flier to find a roommate, and a postcard to greet them with seasonal greetings.
5) Microsoft PictureViewer – I use this to view my digital images. I compress and edit my pictures before I upload them onto my blog.

All the Microsoft products I have used have been helping me to be more productive in my personal life as well as in my professional life. I am thankful to these products and opportunities to have them. I am sure that there’re more Microsoft products that I do not know yet. I am willing to learn about them, so that my life will be even more productive.

I appreciate that CostCaptain.com has been providing Microsoft products that are student-friendly priced. This time, I’m purchasing a Microsoft Office 2007 Professional. I cannot wait to receive it!

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