Praxis Tests プラクシステスト

I am living a life that has been far away from my blog.
How are you doing?
The year of 2008 has entered its third month.
Spring is approaching.
I hope you will have a wonderful season in which you can feel new breeze and overwhelming joy that cannot be held inside of you.

There are several reasons why my blog has been "abandoned" for awhile. But as I try to write all of them or some of them, I don't quite feel "right" yet. So I am just waiting until these things will tell me, "Now, you can write about us." Actually, the reality is that there is not really a moment to think, "All right, I am going to write a blog today."

Meanwhile, today, I felt a slight urge to write, so I am going along with that, though there is nothing special to write about.

Well, I am studying for Praxis tests that I am going to take this coming Saturday. The test will be held from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm (long day!) I hope I will wake up and won't be late.

This Praxis tests are required to take in order to get a teaching license. Even if you attain a four-year degree in education, you won't be hired at public schools without passing them. They are important. Interestingly, the testing date overlapped with this intense period of time. I barely made myself ready for the testing. At this point, there is not much I can do, so I would suggest myself to relax and enjoy. I will just do my best, and all the rest will find their way around. According to my dad, he used to play a day before his test instead of studying. In this way, he could relax his mind, body, and feelings, so that he could do well on the test. And he always passed tests doing this way. I am not as daring as he could be, so I will be probably going over my notes, making sure I got pencils and an erase a couple of times and checking my alarm clocks a couple of times a day before my test. Maybe, I hope that I could jump in the ocean for even five minutes... (I have not been to the ocean for a month and half. Does this tell you how busy I am? :)

Oh well, life is too short to be overwhelmed. I better enjoy it. Good luck to myself and all the people who are taking the tests.

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Carlen said...

Good luck Akari! I know you will do well! I agree with your dad that you should play a little to freshen your mind. Going for a surf is a great idea! I have midterms next week so I am also studying like crazy! Maybe we can talk over spring break?! I will pray for you tomorrow! xoxo