A New Rice Cooker 新しい炊飯器

(My rice cooker in a box. I carried it as a check-in luggage.)

I always wanted a rice cooker here on Maui. Well, I have lived without it this far (for 7 years); I cooked rice in a pot, but I felt that it would be convenient to have one for a couple of reasons: 1) I could keep rice warm, 2) I could be more efficient in cooking space (one less pot that would be occupying the stove), and 3) I could eat rice that taste better. All the rice cookers I found in the U.S. were not that great compare to what were available in Japan, so I was waiting for an opportunity to buy one in Japan and bring it back to Maui. The dream came true! This time, I bought a TIGER IH Rice Cooker Mini. Yay!!

I cooked rice with it, and it tasted great. I love the function of keeping cooked rice warm and reheating. It is not necessary to have it, so it is a bit of luxury to have one, but oh well. I splurged myself.

One of this year's resolutions is to eat well, so I think that this new friend will help me pursue that goal :-)

--------------------------------- Japanese --------------------------

いつも炊飯器は欲しいなぁと思っていました。まぁ、ここまで(7年近く)それ無しでやってこれたのですけど。(いつもお鍋でお米炊いてました。)まぁ、あったら便利だろうなと思う点はいくつかありました。その一 一度炊いたご飯を温かい状態でまた食べられること。 そのニ 料理をしているときにコンロの上を占領する鍋が一つ減るので料理の効率が上がる(そんなに料理しているのかと自分でつっ込みたくもなりますが)。 その三 炊飯器で炊いたお米の方がもっとおいしいような気がする。しかしアメリカで見つける炊飯器は皆一昔前の型で、いつか日本から個人的に輸入したいと思っていました。そしてそれが今回日本に帰った際に叶いました。タイガーのIH炊飯器ミニ(三合用ね)を購入したのです!



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