Happy Valentine's Day ハッピーバレンタインズデー

A Happy Valentine's Day! (I know I am late...)
I hope you had a sweet day with your loved ones.
I had a sweet day with my lovely students and my love.

I have been teaching my students (4 and 5 years olds) how to sew. (3 years olds are practicing putting a piece of yarn through punched holes.) First, some of them got frustrated with its process, but they are very quickly getting good at it. This time, because of the Valentine's Day season, they sewed a red felt heart on to a white felt rectangle. Their stitches are getting smaller compared to when they started to sew. I think that it is important to show them and help them attain life skills such as sewing. My lovely students are focused and serious while sewing, and oh, I wish I could show you their proud faces when they finish their project! They are shinning! They are proud of the fact that they can sew and that they did not give up.

---------------------------- Japanese ------------------------------

ハッピー バレイインタインズ デー!(って遅くなりましたが。)


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