Departures おくりびと

The annual "Maui Film Festival" is here again!
There are four movie theaters to watch (each theater has different movies to show), and one of them is called Celestial Cinema (the photo below). Literally, you can watch a movie under the starry sky. Watching a movie on the green grass under the stars is something special.

For those of you who love movies, this week is your week!

Why do I, a tight saving person, pay to watch a movie at a movie theater? I believe that watching and listening to a story called movie with other people is different from watching a DVD at home by myself. Regardless of the genre of the movie, we individually interpret, feel, and experience the message that each movie tries to convey to us. The feelings we feel will start to float in the dim space in the movie theater and start to fill the space. Sharing that space and time with others makes our experience of the movie even more vivid. Long before the movies, TV, and radio were invented, people enjoyed sharing stories as they sat around the fire. I believe that we as humans will always take pleasure in sharing our stories.

If you live here on Maui or are visiting now, please bring yourself to one or two of these wonderfully selected movies. I like to go watch movies by myself and also like to go with friends. How about you?

Yesterday was the first day of this Maui Film Festival, so Ty and I went to watch one called "Departures at MACC's Castle Theater where we performed a couple of weeks ago. It is an Academy Award® Winner for Best Foreign Language Film of the year.

The official trailier can be viweed at the link below:

I regretted that I did not bring a handkerchief to wipe my tears and runny nose.
I am not going to write the details of the story here for those who have not watched it yet, so all I would say is that this movie gave "death" respect, love, and humor. The Noukanshi (encoffiner)'s earnest attitude towards death and how each family member left behind processes the death of loved one touched and shook my heart. I strongly felt that death is life, and life is death. I also felt stronger respect for the profession of Nokanshi (encoffiner) who helps the departures of people who passed away. And, I thought how beautiful and important it is to try to master the art form of whatever occupation I get.

The music director was Jo Hisaichi who also worked for my favorite animation movies such as "Spirited Away," "Howl's Moving Castle," "Princess Mononoke," "My Neighbour Totoro," and "Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind."

----------------------------- Japanese -------------------------------

毎年6月 に催される、特別映画プレミア試写会、「マウイフィルムフェスティバル」が今年もやって参りました。いくつかの映画館があり(全部で4つかな)、その一つ はワイレアにあるセレスティアルシネマ(空の映画館)と言い、上にあります写真のように名前の通り、星空の下で芝生に座って見る映画は格別なものがあります。


お財布の口を簡単には開けない私が、DVDで映画を観れる今日、あえてお金を払って映画館で映画を観るのは何故か。一つの映画という物語を他の人々と一緒 に観る、聴くということに意味があるからだと思います。映画のジャンルを問わず、それぞれの映画が伝えようとしているものを、観客それぞれに感じ取り、その私たちの感情が映画館の薄暗い空間に浮き出し、積もった、その時間とスペースを共有することで、映画という物語をさらに強く経験出来るのではないでしょうか。映画やテレビ、ラジオの無かった昔、夜に火を皆で囲み物語りをシェアしたように、私たちはいつまでもストーリーをシェア出来ることに喜びを見出すものなのでしょうね。




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