Interview with Sky スカイとのインタビュー

An article and ads on various local newspapers of Maui.

About two weeks prior to the show, I had an interview with Mrs. Sky Barnhart, a Contributing Writer from the Maui News. She, Ty, and I had a nice 45-minute together with her lovely 9-month old baby girl, Day. While Sky was engaging Day, she was also taking notes about what we said. I thought it was an amazing skill (multitasking). I very much appreciated her time to interview us and write a beautiful article about our performance and a bit about my history and about Yosakoi. I am planning on translating it as soon as I get some time.

The article can be read at the following link: Backstage (posted June 4th, 2009)

Sky also came to our show on Friday night. Thank you so much, Sky. I know it was difficult to arrange when you have a little baby. Also, thank you for writing the rich review which came out on the following Thursday.


If Maui's talented Odissi dancer Sarala Dandekar seemed slightly breathless during Friday night's "Dhvani" show at the MACC, it's because the tempo was a bit faster than she had planned-and she is expecting a baby in the fall! Dandekar shared the good news with the Castle Theater audience during the first act, in which she danced two classical Indian pieces with her usual grace and skill. The second act featured Akari Ueoka dancing Japanese Yosakoi-a dance style we would do well to see more of on Maui. Ueoka's high, spinning jumps brought forth a joyful energy of innovation and empowerment. The finale was a lovely duet by Dandekar and Ueoka dancing the story of Soul separating from Source due to the forces of Maya, but eventually reuniting. Backed up by the seasoned musical team of Ty Burhoe on tabla and Steve Oda on sarode, the dancers created a beautiful picture of the eternal nature of the soul, poised in a circle of light at the edge of the darkened stage as the words of the poem spilled over them: "You are eternity; you are a mirror." More productions from Burhoe's Tala Records can only mean good things for Maui."

I admire and respect writers. They are like magicians of words. They can depict the world by sentences. It is indeed an art form.

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