My Classroom Extension Project 2 教室拡大工事 2

Wow, I just realize that I did not update my blog even once last month! Well, does it tell you how busy I was? I even did not have time to think about my blog...

Well, I am happy and proud to announce that a new extended classroom is finally completed!! Yay!

The photos show you the progress of the project.




A couple of dads who are carpenters worked hard to finish the rest of the work. I am so thankful for them. Thank you, Michael, Aron, Malte, and Gabriel.


The white parts are where I caulked. I did it after school one day, and I could not think ahead too much back then, so I forgot to bring a glove for myself. I used my own bare finger for about two hours, and it was burning for about a week.


Before 工事前

After 工事後

Yay, it's painted!! A professional painter, Tony painted it for us. Thank you!


This is the insdie.

I never knew what drip edge was until I participated in this classroom extension project. I learned a lot by working on this project. Now, when I drive around, I cannot help to notice drip edges on people's houses. When I become aware of something that I did not think of or did not even know about, all of sudden, those things seem to appear more prominently in my everyday life. Have you experienced that? Therefore, I think that knowledge (education) is treasure. They help me to understand the world and allows me to participate in the world more deeply.


Rusted swing chain.

I asked one dad to exchange it with a new one, and he did with this bright yellow one which matches with the seat. Thank you, Kalon!


This is a temporal rain blocker. This side does not have a wall, and when it rains, rain get in. After I thought over and over what to do with a limited budget, I bought a $15 tarp and hang it like this and put cement blocks at the bottom. Ty helped me to set this up.


Let's see how long this would last.


At any rate, I am grateful more than a word can express that this project has been completed. From the beginning to end, there were only two weeks, but fortunately, there were many parents who happen to have the right skills and heart at the right place for the sake of our children, so it was possible.

The classroom was blessed by these caring parents.



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amy said...

ah, such ongoing inspiration you exude for many! we're blessed to have a little window onto it.