I am better 良くなりました

I was bedridden for some days.

My fever went up to 104F, and I had not had such high fever since I was a child. Ty happened to be gone for the 5-week tour to Australia, so I wondered if I could manage to take care of myself. However, because of my kind friends, I could manage it and recover from it. Thank you all so much!

It was an interesting sensation when I had a high fever. One night, I woke up in the middle of a night. I sat on the edge of my bed and watched shadows of trees moving on the curtains of the window. I truly thought that there was a dragon moving, and I was mesmerized by it, and after awhile, I came to a realization that I was watching shadows. At a different time, I was trying to put down a glass of water on a table. I tried that a couple of times, but the bottom of the glass did not seem to touch the table. "Strange..." that's what I thought. After some trials, I finally realized that there was no table. "Wow, look at what a high fever does to you, Akari. Wild!" That's what I thought. I felt as if my body was floating an inch above the floor, yet it was so heavy to move around. I had to walk along the wall to support myself when I went to a bathroom, and I was out of breath just to get to a bathroom.

I felt a dramatic relief when the fever came down.

What I've learned from this experience was that I had more friends who truly care about me than I thought I had. Very grateful. I also learned not to hesitate to ask for help. Great lesson. Lastly, I learned to let myself take a day-off or any break more often. I had myself on the go constantly for the past several weeks. "I am sorry, Akari." That's what I had to say to myself.

Thank you, friends, for bringing food and medicine, taking me to a doctor's appointment, and praying for my well-being! Very much appreciated!!!

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