I am better 良くなりました

I was bedridden for some days.

My fever went up to 104F, and I had not had such high fever since I was a child. Ty happened to be gone for the 5-week tour to Australia, so I wondered if I could manage to take care of myself. However, because of my kind friends, I could manage it and recover from it. Thank you all so much!

It was an interesting sensation when I had a high fever. One night, I woke up in the middle of a night. I sat on the edge of my bed and watched shadows of trees moving on the curtains of the window. I truly thought that there was a dragon moving, and I was mesmerized by it, and after awhile, I came to a realization that I was watching shadows. At a different time, I was trying to put down a glass of water on a table. I tried that a couple of times, but the bottom of the glass did not seem to touch the table. "Strange..." that's what I thought. After some trials, I finally realized that there was no table. "Wow, look at what a high fever does to you, Akari. Wild!" That's what I thought. I felt as if my body was floating an inch above the floor, yet it was so heavy to move around. I had to walk along the wall to support myself when I went to a bathroom, and I was out of breath just to get to a bathroom.

I felt a dramatic relief when the fever came down.

What I've learned from this experience was that I had more friends who truly care about me than I thought I had. Very grateful. I also learned not to hesitate to ask for help. Great lesson. Lastly, I learned to let myself take a day-off or any break more often. I had myself on the go constantly for the past several weeks. "I am sorry, Akari." That's what I had to say to myself.

Thank you, friends, for bringing food and medicine, taking me to a doctor's appointment, and praying for my well-being! Very much appreciated!!!

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What I've been doing 最近してたこと

Photo by Dominique Pandolfi

We both performed at the September Concert here on Maui. Our friend, Chimiko and Geoffrey organized it this year, and they did a fantastic job!


In September, there was a concert in Honolulu that Ty's teacher, Zakir Hussain performed, so Ty joined his teacher as an assistant, and I joined them on one weekend. This was a view from the hotel room we stayed at - Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head. For more details, please refer to Ty's diary.


I got to see my girlfriend, Chika from high school in Honolulu. She and I had a breakfast at a place where it is famous for its pancakes. Look at this size! We could not finish it and took the rest of it home.


Towards the end of September, Ty and I took a day trip to Kauai to attend my friend's wedding ceremony. It made me cry to see my friend's happy face.


Ty and I moved to a new location in the middle of October. It is actually my dance teacher's Sarala's home. We rent their downstairs, and they live upstairs. There is a dance studio right next to our place, it is close to Makawao town, and I can hang up the clothes on cloth line to dry, so I am loving it! This is me in a kitchen cabinet. I was cleaning all the cabinets, and I found this big one which seemed very attractive to go inside, so I did, and there, I am trying to get out of it. Help me...


Around mid October, there was a workshop held in Honolulu that Ty was invited as an instructor. Since it was held over the weekend, I went with him. This is a coconut given by one of the audience who came to the concert. It was very yummy coconut juice. Thank you.


October 19th was our engagement anniversary. When I came home from work, these beautiful flowers welcomed me home. Ty bought them for us. I can remember the day as if it was yesterday and at the same time, I feel it was 10 years ago.


I was invited to dance with one of my favorite dance teachers, Sunny for a fundraiser event in Paia on 10/23. The theme was Michael Jackson. It was fun to dance with this black hat. "Akari in a hat."

大好きな踊りの先生の一人であるサニーに誘われ、パイアという町で行われたあるファンドレイザーのイベントでマイケル・ジャクソンをテーマにした踊りを踊ってきました。こんな帽子をかぶって踊って楽しかったです。「アカリ イン ア ハット」

I was a kangaroo for the Halloween night. Check out the tail, too.


On the Halloween night, I met my friend Holly, her husband Mark, their adorable daughter, and Mark's dad who was visiting Maui and had a nice pizza dinner.


Maui is beautiful as always. I am so appreciative to be able to live on this magical island.