Joy in Heart 心の歓喜

Things I used to believe when I was small...

Unicorns, fairies, the world above clouds, Santa Claus, thought I could walk on the rainbow, and so on.

Even now, part of me still believes, and there is other part of me who wants to keep believing in them.

I truthfully think that I am blessed as I work with children age between 3 and 6 everyday. They fully believe in the special beings in the mysterious world. Each time I get touched by their pureness, my heart gets cleansed. The sincere way children meet with even a bug crawling on the ground, a shape of a cloud drifting in the sky, subtle fading color of a leaf shakes my heart.

Through my heart polished by their pureness, the world seems to become more vibrant.

The proud face of a child who learned to put shoes on by herself, the brightness in a boy's eyes as he learned how to distinguish right and left, the look of a child as he listens to a story I read, the excited voice as she found that her seeds have sprouted, the little hands peeling oranges, and the little feet running as fast as they can move my heart. My heart jumps up in joy and smiles.

I feel that I have the best occupation ever. (Of course, there are a lot of great occupations in the world, so what I mean by this statement is that I found the best one for myself.)

At the end of a day, I inquire myself, "Did I meet with each child in a sincere way? Did I contribute to their growth in the most loving way?" There are always many 'regrets' wishing I had done something differently.

And, as a day begins, I pray, "Please guide me to be a positive influence in these children's lives today."

I am still green as a teacher, and every day is a great opportunity to learn how to better serve them, and children are the best teachers.

I cannot to wait to see them tomorrow.

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Koichi Sato said...

Hello, Ueoka san!
I'm always looking forward to your blog. Your diary lets me pure. I'm happy to read it.
P.S. Happy Birthday!

Akari Ueoka said...

Hi Koichi kun,

Thank you for leaving a kind! Also, thank you for remembering my birthday. I am going to write about my birthday soon. Hope you are doing well.