I am in Japan 日本に帰ってきております

Now, I am in Japan.
The winter break is only 2 weeks long, so I am here for just 2 weeks.
I feel like it's been awhile since the last time I was here. When was the last time? I think it was summer 2007, so it means... a year and half, I guess.

This trip was to see my family and friends of course and to recharge my battery. Also to help out my family since my mom is in a hospital now. 

I would love to see as many friends as I could, but I might not have time due to the circumstance, so I apologize in advance if I would not make it to see you.

I am pretty worn out. I have a list of things that I want to do while I am in Japan, but I don't have any energy to tackle them now, so I am telling myself, "Take it easy..."

By the way, the number of times I updated my blog this year was really low. I hope I will update my blog more often the next year.

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