ROOTS Fund Raiser ルーツ ファンドレイザー

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In the previous blog, I mentioned about knitting as if to say that I'm having a pretty mild life. However, the reality is that I have been working from the early morning to late night without weekends for about a month now. I cannot take a day-off... I am realizing more and more that teaching is endless... BUT I love it, so I don't mind it. Well, maybe I want a weekend-off once awhile.

As the end of a year approaches, the whole town and people seem to assume this unique feeling of excitement and hassling. The main event for me for the next couple of days is a fund raiser of ROOTS, the learning center (not quite a school yet) I work for. This Saturday night (I am sorry for this last-minute notice), we have a fund raiser event at the Studio Maui in Haiku. If you are reading this blog before Saturday and are living on Maui, please come!

Children (age 3 to 12) will be performing, there will be fun activities for children and yummy homemade food, and the Studio Maui's own Five Rhythm Master, Amara will be leading a family-friendly dance night.

Date and Time: Saturday, 12/13 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm
Place: The Studio Maui
810 Haiku Rd, Suite 265, Haiku, HI 96708 Phone:808-575-9390
Ticket: $15 for adults, $5 for children (under 3 are free)

Your contribution towards ROOTS will be greatly appreciated by children, teachers, and the whole community. I look forward to seeing you there!

We have a new website. Please check it out.

---------------------------- Japanese ------------------------


年末に向けてさらに「師走感」が高まる今日この頃、一番のイベントは私が教えさせてもらっている学校のファンドレイザーでしょうか。今週の土曜日の夜(もっと早くお知らせしたかったのだけど、ラストミネット(土壇場)の報知ですみません)にハイクにあるThe Studio Mauiでファンドレイザーやっています。もしこのブログをお読みになられている方で、マウイ在住で子どもさんのいらっしゃる方もいらっしゃらない方も、是非是非足を運んでくださいませ。

子どもたち(幼稚園から6年生までの子どもたち)がパフォーマンスをしますし、子ども向けの楽しいアクティビティもありますし、おいしいご飯もありますし、そしてメインイベントとして、Studio Mauiのファイブリズムで知られたAmaraのリードによるファミリーフレンドリーなダンスナイトがあります。

日時:12月13日土曜日 5時半から8時半まで
場所:The Studio Maui 
住所:810 Haiku Rd, Suite 265, Haiku, HI 96708 電話:808-575-9390
入場料:$15(大人) $5(子ども:三歳以下は無料)



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