Culture & Arts Day

I will be performing a classical Indian dance called Odissi and an old Bollywood style dance at an event called "Culture & Arts Day" this coming Saturday at 10:00 am in Iao Valley.

I hope you could come and support this wonderful event to celebrate Maui's diversity.

Admission is free.

No parking is available at Kepaniwai free parking lot, and shuttles from Wailuku County parking are available.

For more details, please visit the site: http://www.aecg.org/

This should be a wonderful event with some really exciting performances. I hope to see you there!
Day Schedule:

9:15 am Blessing – Introduction
9:30 am Maui Paranku – Okinawa Dance and Drum
950 am Na Kupuna o Lokelani – kupuna hula
10:10 am Sarala Dance – Indian *
10:30 am B.E.T. – Maui on Stage, play readings
10:45 am MAPA Tour – Dances from Hawaii, Tahiti, Filipino and Spain *
11:10 am Sarah Shim – Chinese Song
11:20 am Nakayama Minyo Kai – Japanese Folk Dance
11:40 am Maui Drumming.com – African Drumming *
12:00 pm Presentations – Culture and Arts Award, Art contest
12:30 pm Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko – Okinawa Taiko Drums
12:45 pm Hawaii Ballroom Assoc, Maui
1:00 pm Komie Juku – Japanese Swordsmanship
1:15 pm Maui on Stage
1:30 pm Maui Taiko
2:00 pm Kapeolei Chorale *
2:30 pm Tau Dance Theater *
3:00 pm Shiroma Ryu – Okinawa Cultural Dance
3:20 pm Reuda Cuban Salsa *
3:30 pm MAPA – Maui Academy of Performing Arts

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