My Classroom Extension Project 教室拡大工事

The past week and this week, I have been working on the classroom extension project. Fortunately, I have two dads who are professional carpenters helping me out. Mariano and Massimo, I am very grateful for you!

The photos below show you the process we have taken so far.



The school does not have a big budget for this project, so I have been doing my best to keep it low expense. Most of the materials came from Miyake Concrete in Makawao. They are very wonderful people, always friendly and helping customers. They gave me a school discount. I am very grateful.

These windows were found at Habitat for Humanity in Wailuku. It was tricky to put them in my car (Honda CR-V). The people who worked at the store said, "They won't fit in your car. Come back with a truck." Well, it takes about 45 minutes to get to this store from the school, so I did not have time to come back. I said, "I think they actually would fit. Can we try?" After I folded the back seats forward, they actually did fit! One was 4 by 6 feet. The other one was 4 by 7 feet. If you have a Honda CR-V, it's a good news. You can carry these size windows!


この窓たちはワイルクにある中古や余った建築材を安く売ってくれているHabitat for Humanityにて中古の物を探し当ててきましたよ。さぁ、私の車(Honda CR-V)に入るのか?ということで、お店の人は「無理よー。誰かのトラック借りて来なさいよ。」と言っていましたが、学校から45分ほどかかるところにあるので、わざわざ戻って来る時間は無いと思い、「いや、きっと入ります。トライしてみてもいいですか?」と粘って協力してもらったところ、後部座席を前倒しにしたらちゃんと収まりましたよ。二つとも。(ちなみに一つが4フィートX6フィート。もう一つが4フィートX7フィート。1フィートが約30cmです。)Honda CR-Vをお持ちで、これからこのようなサイズの窓を運ぼうと思われている方、入りますよ!

The blue paint was peeling off, so other dads, Mark and Malte, came and sanded the floor for me. Thank you!


We are hoping that the new paint will stick to the surface.

I primed the floor. This is me being slowly surrounded by the snowy ice area. This should be happening to the north and south poles, huh?


In order to paint the floor inside, these toys and books were taken out. I have to put them back in...

The first day of school is September 1st. I hope I will welcome my little ones in a beautiful classroom. Well, I will!


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Mark said...

Yay! Akari, we're lucky to have a dedicated teacher like you for our children!

I also like how you painted yourself in to the middle of the room - funny stuff!