Summing Up the Boulder Memories ボルダーの締めくくり

(An old Ford car found in Gold Hill, Boulder. The rustiness and how the color faded a bit grabbed my heart.)

I have been back on Maui for two weeks now. As soon as I got back, I was busy trying to catch up with the life here, so I couldn't update the blog.

I'd like to sum up the wonderful memories I had in Boulder before I move on to my Maui life. (All the photos below were taken in one day.)

Also, Ty has written about some of the events we had in Boulder in his blog. If you read it, you will have a better grasp of what I am not going to mention here (because I don't have enough energy and time). Thanks to Ty's ability to keep up his diary in such details.

(Japanese) マウイに戻ってきてから2週間ほどが過ぎようとしています。戻って来次第、こちらでの生活においつくために忙しくしていて、なかなかブログを更新することが出来ませんでした。



A deep-breath-taking sunset


A sky right before it started to rain. Interesting shapes of clouds. It looks like a curtain cut in zigzag at the bottom.


A valley that you would not want to fall into. Ty told me that there have been cars fell in when it snows.


Mountains continue as far as I can see


We went to a cute village (town?) called Gold Hill. This is a hotel (probably only one hotel). I would like to stay there someday.


We had a very delicious dinner at the restaurant next to the hotel. Ty used to play there.


This hill's green color is my favorite green color out of many variations of green.


Rock beings


In Colorado, the blue sky, green hills, and silver rocks match perfectly.


"Oh, hi, me."


Ty took me to Estes Park, a town about an hour from Boulder. I was curious to see a town outside of Boulder. We had a grilled sandwich at a small local restaurant. We did not stay in the town besides that, and I liked the views to and from there.


In order to build our sweat lodge, we went to collect willow trees. Before we cut them, we asked them if we could cut them down to build a sweat lodge, and I felt as if they told me, "It will be our honor to hold a space and immerse ourselves in the vibrations of sincere prayers that you will create." I was humbled to hear that. It may sound as if I am justifying myself for cutting them down. I may. However, I believe that we all live our everyday life by consuming others who gave themselves to us. We cannot live without eating food (even just fruits or plants). Therefore, appreciating those (food, lumber to build a house, cotton to make clothes out of, and so on) and using them as much I can, and living fully for myself, others, and the world is probably the best way to repay for their kindness. Therefore, I intend to pray from the bottom of my heart and soul when I am in the sweat lodge built with these willow trees.

We did not have time to take down the branches, so we just loaded them up in Ty's truck. This is a photo of Ty in a truck which became a jungle temporarily.



They were loaded up like this.


Ty is digging a hole. I offered to do it as I worried his hands and fingers which are essential parts of being a tabla player, but he said something like, "It doesn't worth to be a musician if I cannot do things like this." So, I let it be.


I cleaned the branches.


Beautiful beings.


Our first sweat lodge was built. It is beautiful.


We did not have time to actually hold a sweat lodge ceremony, but we felt good knowing that it is at our backyard. I look forward to using it whenever it will be.


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