BFF = Beautiful, Fantastic, and Fun  キラキラで すっばらしくて 楽しくて

(2nd graders at my student teaching classroom are into making objects by using the colorful shapes that they used in their math class. This one is a flower, I think... The below is a turtle. They are both beautiful. I think learning through play is the best way to learn.)

I just learned what BFF stands for. BFF = Best Friend Forever. I did not know that.

Well, I am super busy again! It seems that my life is like a river. Sometimes, its flow is pretty mellow, and other times, it gets really fast, almost out of control.

What I learned as I aged for the past couple of years is that everything is going to be all right no matter what. Everything finds its place to fit in in the end. So, I just charge it every single day with my best intentions and with some humor. One day at a time... Then, eventually, I will get "there." No worry...

So, I have not had time to update my blog although there have been many things that I would love to write. When I find more time, I would like to take time to write about them.

For tonight, I want you to know that I am doing well, and my life is BFF, beautiful, fantastic, and fun!

With lots of love,



時々耳にしていた「BFF」。何のことだか知らなかったんだけど。「Best Friend Forever」の頭文字を取ったものだということを、つい最近知った。永遠の友って言う意味だね。