A Yummy Break おいしい休憩

Huelo Lookout Fruit Stand
フエロ ルックアウト フルーツスタンド

Last Monday, I went to Huelo for a work related reason. Huelo is a remote north shore of Maui. The road starts to get narrower and winding as you enter Huelo. If you keep driving Hana Highway after Huelo, you will eventually get to Hana. In the photo below, the place where the arrow is pointing at is Huelo. (Map is from Google Map)

(Japanese) この前の月曜日、ちょっとフエロの方に仕事の用事があって行ってきました。フエロはマウイの北側の海沿いにある地域の名前です。フエロに入るにあたって道は狭くなり、くねくねしてきます。そのままハナハイウェイを走り続けるとやがてはハナに入ります。下の矢印で指しているところがフエロ。(地図はGoogle Mapから抜粋)

I always saw this Huelo Lookout Fruit Stand whenever I went to Hana, but I had never stopped. So, last Monday, since I had some extra time before my appointment, I stopped by. It's a cute fruit stand decorated with healthy looking fruits. I ordered a banana smoothie and a fruit crape. They were yummy. It sounds like the fruits come from a farm of the owner of the fruit stand.

(Japanese) ハナに行く際、いつもこのフルーツスタンドを目にしては気になっていたのだけど、一度も止まってみたことがありませんでした。なのでこの前の月曜日、お仕事の約束の時間の前にちょっと余裕があったので止まってみることにしたのです。おいしそうなフルーツたちに飾られた黄色い元気いっぱいなフルーツスタンドは遠くから見てもかわいいです。バナナスムージーとフルーツクレープを注文しました。おいしかったよ。どうやら、果物たちはこのフルーツスタンドを経営されている方の果物畑からやってくるそうです。

You can sit and eat at this cute bench with the view below. I enjoyed my five-minute stop and was refreshed before my appointment.

(Japanese) このかわいい屋根つきのベンチに座って、下の写真のような眺めを見ながら休憩したり食べたり出来ます。5分間の休憩を楽しみました。

Huelo Lookout's View
フエロ ルックアウトからの眺め


Anonymous said...

My New Year's resolution is to stop at all the places I typically pass because I'm too busy...

Nicely done!

I love the way you photo-document your blog, Akari! Are you ever without a camera?

Do you mind if I add your blog to the blog links on my new blog? (I've finally figured out a way to take this blog thing seriously: be silly.)

Akari Ueoka 上岡安佳里 said...

Hello Jon,

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I like your New Year's resolution. I would like to add that to mine as well. We should stop and smell the flowers :)

I like photographs, so my digital camera is usually in my pursue, and whenever I find something intriguing I take a picture of it. Someday, I would like to study about photography, but for now, I am just enjoying photographing for my record.

No, I don't mind at all if you add my blog to links on your new blog.

Nice to meet you through the blog!



BreeWee said...

I love the fruit stand photos, it looks like such a peaceful relaxing place to visit! AND I agree with Jon, you are a super photographer!

Akari Ueoka 上岡安佳里 said...

Hi Breewee, if you ever visit Maui's north shore, I hope you will have a chance to visit this fruit stand :)
Thank you for saying that I am a super photographer. I don't feel like I am, but I am simply happy to take photos, so I guess I should accept your compliment. "I am a super happy photographer."