Truths, Love, and Peace 真相と愛と平和

"Yumi Kikuchi's Blog and Podcast" is one of the blogs I occasionally visit.

On my blog, most of the times, I write about my daily life and about thoughts and feelings I find in those every-day life. There is not much distinctive, particular message. On the other hand, Yumi Kikuchi has been vigorously sending information out to people through her blog. I admire her energy and effort. I am interested in politics and world affairs, but I am not so good at writing about them on my blog. I would say that I know my feelings better than other people, so I can take responsibility for what I write about myself. However, when it comes to writing about politics and world affairs, I feel uncomfortable because I don't know enough and have not studied enough like Yumi Kikuchi has done.

But there is one thing I am concerned and am curious about. So, I would like to write about it as my personal opinion as of today. This year is an election year. It is President Bush's last year for this presidency. Personally, I could not agree with what he has done, such as starting the wars in the Middle East and a possible suspicion on 9-11 deceit.

Now, America is in a danger of heading towards recession.
This might become even more serious. That's what media reports. Whether it is media's trick or not, it is fact that the recession's waves are influencing people now. The price of newly built houses dropped dramatically, and the house owners are heavy hearted. One of my friends said, "This is a handiwork of a few hundred people who are super wealthy and care only about themselves. They are trying to collapse the economy and start all over again with a world bank. By dominating the World Bank, they are hoping to control the world." Since I did not know about economics enough, I just listened, but what I thought was that it is important for everyone to really 'see' what is happening beneath the surface and scrutinize."

People in Belgium did a march to ask for the truth in 9-11.

I am also one of people who are suspicious about 9-11. However, I do not agree with the idea of routing the truth out from "bad people" and defeating them. The idea it self does not sound peaceful anymore. However, I still think that seeking truths is important because I do not want to be ignorant and blindly contribute to the power that is turning the world into a sad place.

If the 9-11 was ever a plot, how can we possibly toll a bell at deaths of innocent children and people in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and American troops who believed in their mission to protect the world from bad people? And how Japan can be a real hero after it has been supporting the wars by providing supplies?

As it is written on Yumi Kikuchi's blog, a Japanese councilor (senator) Mr. Yukihisa Fujita questioned the official US 911 on NHK TV (Japan Public Broadcasting Corporation) on January 10, 2008.

I was inspired by his courage to seek the truth and his attitude that cared about children in the war-torn counties.

Mr. Fujita has his own blog and states about his daily work and his opinions about politics there. (It is only written in Japanese, though.)

President Bush used to be a cute baby like we all did. (A photo of President Bush in his mother's arms at age of 1.) I believe that there is no person who had bad thoughts from the moment they were born.

I pray that all of us are led to peace through love.














Anna-Rea said...

Hello Akari
Thank you for your lovely comment. Carlen told me about your blog, it is so nice!. Looks so great, you really know how to make a blog look nice.
I hope that we can see each other soon again. Wish you all the best for 2008 and keep in touch.

BreeWee said...

I too pray for peace through love. I always look at little children and wonder hope they become good adults and I look at bad adults and wonder what happen to the great baby they were...

Anonymous said...

check out:

(with a grain of salt)

Jon (Labrousse)

Akari Ueoka 上岡安佳里 said...

Dear Jon,

Thank you. I actually watched the movie. My boyfriend found it, and we watched it together.