Community Service Day コミュニティサービスデイ

Today, I painted a classroom at an intermediate school on Maui where Loren works. Students came up with this idea of painting some of the classrooms which did not look so great. Loren supported their idea, and he called it as a community service day. We called our friends for help, and many of our friends showed up and helped us painting. His students worked hard, and all the volunteers worked hard, too. We very much appreciated their help. I think working with various kinds of people is fun (different age, occupation, gender, and so on), and a community service work is a good way to bring people together.

First, we taped everything that had potential to get painted but did not want to be painted.

Before this wall was painted (it was light blue color).

First, we need to cut in and paint the between blocks.

Me painting on top of the closet like a monkey.



Loren's friends. They are professional painters.

This photo does not really show, but the wall was painted in light green sage color, and the closet was painted in dark blue. I like these two colors.

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