A Happy Discovery 嬉しい発見

There was a surprising yet happy news.
Loren found a tangerine tree in a vacant lot next to our place! The tree had many, many yellow jewels on it. As Loren and I love fruits, it was such a blessing for us! So, we received a bracket full of tangerines. We shared with our friends, but there were more! I am so grateful and appreciative.

(Japanese) ちょっとビックリでとっても嬉しいことがありました。

Although we live in Hawaii, it gets cold in the early morning and late evening especially in this "winter" season. As I get cold easily, socks are my friends. The floor of the house we live in is tiles, so when I put my feet down when I wake up, it makes my backbone cold. When we went to get gather tangerines, I did not have my socks (because I only have 3 pairs, and all of them were washed), so I borrowed Loren's. The right one is a sock for playing soccer, I think. The left one is Loren's favorite camping sock. For some reason, I could not find their pairs, so I wore mis-matching socks like in the photo :) When I looked down at my feet, I thought it was funny, so I took a photo of it.

(Japanese) ハワイと言えども、最近は朝晩が冷え込みます。寒がりの私としては靴下は欠かせません。特にベッドが置かれている部屋の床がタイルなので朝起きて足を下ろす瞬間がヒヤーとしています。みかん狩りに行った日に、自分の靴下(そのときは3足しか持っていないので。でも最近新たに3足買いました)が全部洗濯中だったので、ローレンのを借りました。右が彼がサッカーをしていた頃のサッカーの靴下。左が彼の長年使っているキャンプ用の靴下。何故か一つずつしか見つけれなかったので、ミスマッチな組み合わせですが。ふと足元を見て「あはは、変なのー」と思って面白かったので写真に撮りました。


Emmalee said...

I'm the same way with socks. I only have about 3 pairs and I can never find the same sock at the same time. I like your sock picture :). Enjoy your tangerines.

Emmalee said...

I'm the same way with socks! I can never find two of the same and I only have about 3 pairs. I like your picture, and your cute crocs. Enjoy your tangerines!

Brooke Myers said...

I think mix matching of the socks is a little thing only cool people do.. J/k
I wear these little no ankle socks with my run shoes and they too are always two colors. <><

Akari Ueoka 上岡安佳里 said...

Hi Emmalee,

In Japan, I used to buy socks at "Kutsushita-ya." It's a store selling only socks. I liked their designs and materials. It seems like they expanded to England. http://tabio.com/uk/

Last time, I bought socks made out of bamboo fiber. I like how they are strong and warm.

Next time, I want to try to buy an organic cotton socks. I wonder how they feel like.

Akari Ueoka 上岡安佳里 said...

Hi Brook,

Oh, good. Only "cool" people do mix matching of socks ;D

You and I are one of those cool people, then! I can imagine you running in two different socks :)