Organization 整理整頓

Papers, papers, and papers...

The winter break is almost over...
I cannot help to wish there was one more week or at least three more days...

The next Monday will be the first day to be back at my student teaching classroom. I am excited to see the students, though. The university's spring semester will begin, too. This semester will be my last one; I will graduate with a teaching degree in May. During this semester, I will be required to be at my student teaching classroom everyday (Mon - Fry) from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm for about five months. I hope I can wake up every morning...

During this winter break, I was organizing my belongings. I went through everything to divide between what I wanted to keep and what I did not need to keep anymore (even if I wanted to keep.) Then, I was finding places to put things away which I judged to keep. I like to keep my belongings as few as I could, but there are certain items that I cannot let go of, such as textbooks that I look back as I teach and my favorite writers' books. When I first came to Maui, I came with a suitcase and a big backpack. Since then, I got a couple of furniture, like a study desk, a chair, a bookshelf, and a printer. Also, I got some cooking items, such as pans, knives, and a cutting board. I cannot put all of them in one suitcase and a big backpack anymore.

Well, this is the last weekend. I will make a final burst here to get ready for the next week.


My notes from classes I have taken in the past. I refer back to them time to time.





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