Seeds Planted 種は植えられた

(Students planted vegetable and herb seeds to sell on a school fund raising day in March.)

This week has been intense in terms of managing time.

I have been working from 7 am to about 9 pm straight (with a lunch and dinner break).
It's been awhile to be this busy. I was enjoying the luxury of having flexibility in my schedule during the winter break, so how all of sudden my life got busy feels like getting in a bath tub without knowing that it's filled up with water, instead of hot water. Surprise!

Working at an elementary school, especially with younger students, sometimes, I even have to time myself a bathroom break. After school is done, I have to carefully plan my errands in order to make them happen. Otherwise, they don't get done.

Despite of the busyness, I am enjoying seeing and working with children every day. Also, I believe that the stress level of trying to juggle all the things gets much lesser the next week once I learn what to expect.

Anyhow, I am doing well. All the "seeds" are planted. I just need to keep taking care of them and loving them!








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