Hands That Can Create Anything 何でも創り出せる手

Students had a weekly pottery class for the past several weeks. Today was the last day. They seemed to enjoy kneading, shaping, coloring, and imagining.

How precious those little hands are! Creating something beautiful.

I have been enjoying my student teaching. During the last week of this month, I will be teaching the class for five days all by myself, with no help from my mentor teacher! I was nervous about it before, but thanks to my mentor teacher, she has been giving me opportunities to teach some of the lessons by myself, so I am building up confidence in solo-teaching gradually.

I am a bit overwhelmed at this moment with all the responsibilities that I have and projects that I need to accomplish by March. I feel that there is not enough time in a day, or I wish that I didn't have to sleep much, but my physical health and emotional health won't endure much stress, so I am trying to take it easy and ask myself, "Do I really have to do that? Or is it in my head?" This question usually calms me down. I have not had much time to connect with my friends for awhile, but I have not forgotten about them. I hope to make some time to connect with my friends soon.

I believe I have magic hands, too just like those precious hands.

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