High Surf at Ho'okipa ホオキパビーチの高波

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I have not surfed for almost a month! So sad :(
I miss surfing. The elementary school I do my student teaching is close to Ho'okipa Beach, probably the most renowned windsurfing site in the world. In winter, the north shores get bigger waves, and in summer, its size declines, but the south shores pick up in summer and get more waves than the north shores. So the location alternates according to seasons.

These photos were taken in the first week of January. I think it was when the first real winter swell hit the north shore of Maui. There were jet skies out there as they were probably coming back from Peahi (where the huge wave, Jaws, break).

Of course, I don't surf in this high surf. I just went to see how big the waves were. Mighty power of nature always amuses me and simply makes me stand in awe of its power which is beyond my understanding.






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BreeWee said...

what beautiful photos... the Big Island has such little waves this week... thanks for sharing!