April and May Have Passed in a Second あっと言う間に過ぎた4月と5月

(Great artists did a great job in my art lesson at an elementary school.)

After all, Grandma's move to a nursing home is done now. I would like to use this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all the people who have supported us in this process. Thank you all so much.

Since the last week of March when Loren and I came back to Maui from Wisconsin, our life without Grandma began. On the first night when I came back to Maui and when I entered the house, I went to Grandma's room first. I felt and subtly hoped that she was sleeping on the bed like she used to. But, there was just an empty bed.

I had missing feeling towards her, but as if to blow it away, Loren and I were immediately sucked into a busy life on Maui. As you can tell by looking at the history of my blog entries, I only updated my blog 4 times in March, 3 times in April, and one time in May, I entered a period of "no-time-to-update" for the first time since I started my blog. Loren and I had wondered if we would have more time for ourselves and for each other after Grandma left, but the reality was that there were so many projects that we were putting aside while Grandma was our priority, and they grabbed our attention quickly.

Also, we moved to a smaller house since the house where we used to live with Grandma was too big for two of us and to save some money. We sold some of Grandma's furniture like bathing chairs and a hospital bed on Craig's list. (We still have a hospital bed. If you know anyone who might be interested in it, please let me know.) Our friends kindly helped us moving and cleaning the house we used to live.

I had student teaching from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm every day. I planned and did a 3-week solo teaching. There were also college assignments which kept me awake late at night. Also, there were other projects beside schooling.

Literally, Loren and I worked from the morning (around 6:30 am) to the night (around 10 or 12 pm sometimes) straight for about two months. We did not have weekends to rest but to catch up with work. When I look back on those days, I am impressed at how much we did, but at the same time, I hope not to go back to those crazy days again.

I got a result of the Praxis test. I passed it! I will officially get a Hawaii teaching license.

Then, May has come.


(I taught 2nd graders how to make a kabuto, an warrior helmet. This girl made it very cute.)




まず、それまで住んでいた家はローレンと私には大きすぎるので(おばあちゃんがいなくなったので)、隣の少し小さな家に引越しました。おばあちゃんの使っていた介護用のトイレやベッドなどはCraig's Listという無料で広告を載せられるサイトで宣伝して個人売買しました。それまで住んでいた家の掃除や、引っ越した先の家での片付けなど、お友達に手伝ってもらいました。




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