Izanai いざない

It is not exaggerated to say that I am here today because of Yosakoi.
While I was struggling with eating disorders and not being able to go to school during my high school years, I still went to Suga Jazz Dance Studio every single day even a day when I could not go to school. Because there was dance, I could "survive" that period of time.

Dancing helped me to stay connected with my Source.

Suga-Ren (the dance troupe I have been dancing with) has been dancing Yosakoi as a way to contribute to a better world. The founder of Suga Jazz Dance Studio is Suga Kunitomo, and she established Star Nation Project and started "Izanai Dance."

"Now, the generation of separation is ending, and we are heading to the new generation of unification. We will become one by overcoming our differences in races, religions, cultures, ethnicities, and ego. The energy that unites us is Izanai." (Translated by Akari; original text was taken from Suga's website.)

Izanai means an invitation in Japanese. Izanai Dance's hope is to invite us to become awaken, to invite each soul to become who it really is.

As I dance Izanai, I am the one who is being invited the most through the experience. I go back to the simplest status of mine and think, "Yes, here, here. This is it! This is where I want to be." By reflecting that place in my dance, if the audience could feel it and remember the place even slightly, there is no better satisfactory joy for me than that.

Whenever I dance, I would like to go back to the place and dance from there.

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そのよさこいを、須賀連は「良い世さこい」のよさこいとして踊り続けてきました。須賀連代表の國友須賀はStar Nation Projectを立ち上げ、「IZANAI踊り」をスタートしました。





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