A Wonderful School Year 素晴らしい一年でした

(A picture drawn by Mei. She said that the taller lady is me, and the girl next to me is her.)

ROOTS is the school where I teach my preschool and kindergarten class. May 27th was the last day of school. The next day, we had a graduation ceremony and the annual camp at Iao Valley. Four kindergartners graduated from my class. I also had five preschoolers who will be coming back to my classroom the next school year. It made me cry to see each of 9 students standing straight and proudly.


(Another master piece drawn by Mei. It is a picture of a princess and prince in a boat in the big blue ocean. According to her, the princence is me, and the prince is Ty. My students love Ty.)

I cannot tell anyone enough how meaningful, exciting, tiring (occasionally), and beautiful first year of teaching it was for me. Sometimes, I felt as if I was groping my way in the dark, not knowing the best answer for every situation. All I could do was to do my best and to let the children know I love them very much. I learned a lot about children and about life from the children I taught. While I was teaching them, I was being taught by them, too. I also learned how much I did not know and what I want to know. I will reflect these discoveries on my second year of teaching.


(Artist unknown. A smiley face. It is important to remember to smile.)

I think it is impossible to forget my first 9 students for the rest of my life.


(Isabella's "Under the Water")
(イザベラ作 「海の中」)

Everyone, thank you for supporting me through the first year of teaching! I will continue endeavoring to be the best teacher I can be.


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