"Dhvani" Movie Clips 「ドゥバニ」のビデオ映像

A part of the show "Dhvani" that was performed at Maui Art & Cultural Center (MACC) this past June was recently uploaded to YouTube, so I would like to share them with you. (A more detailed journal entry about the show can be read here.)

It's been about a half year since we had the show, and as I watch these videos, there are many points where I think to myself, "Oh, I could change that." "I should do that differently next time." Also, I think of all the people who created this stage together and feel a deep gratitude for giving such a wonderful opportunity to me who is still a "green tomato" to be on the stage with them. Thank you very much.

This particular dance piece has a story line; however, I would like you to freely interpret it in your own way. If you are interested in our plot, please feel free to read below.

The Plot: A soul who was always with the Source loses its connection to the Source after it was distracted by the worldly desire. However, the beauty of the materialism does not last long. The soul being left alone finally realizes that it is no longer with the Source and gets confused. Then, it gets fierce thinking that the Source abandoned it. After struggles, it comes to a realization that the Source was with it always and dissolves back into the Source peacefully.

今年の6月にマウイのマウイアート&カルチュアルセンター(MACC)にて演舞させて頂きました「Dhvani ドゥバニ」の舞台の一部がつい最近YouTubeにアップロードされましたので、シェアさせて頂きたいと思います。(Dhvani ドゥバニの公演についての詳しい日記はこちらにあります。)



シナリオ: いつも「源」と一緒であった魂が、俗世の物欲に魅了され源との繋がりを失います。しかし浮き世の美しさは永続的に存在せずやがて消え去ります。一人の残された魂はその源から離れたことを初めて認識し困惑します。そして見放されたと思い込み、憤(いきどお)ります。憤りの果てに源はいつもそこに共にあったことを悟ります。そしてその源へと帰っていきます。

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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