Promise 約束

(I made this heart with a lei given to me from a student.)

Ty came home on 12/3 from a 5-week long tour in Australia, and a week later, he had to leave for Boulder. Our life is unique. The days we get to live under the same roof is limited. It would be a lie if we say "we don't miss each other" or "it is easy." Of course, we miss each other terribly and it can be difficult time to time. However, we both value that we follow our passion/dreams that fulfills our souls. Therefore, we sincerely support each other following them. We promised to support each other as a partner in this life, and the same time, we promised to follow our own truth. I am an independent soul, and so is he. I will not become someone else in order to be liked by him. (It does not mean that I would do anything I want without considering about him.) I will not allow him to bend his truth to make me happy. He says the same thing to me. Otherwise, it will be an empty and shallow commitment which would not last long. When we meet each other as who we truly are and with our own truth, the love that springs up between us is mighty and yummy. We want to continue to feel and taste it.



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