Moments that Took My Breathes Away 息を呑んだ瞬間たち

"Life is not about how many breathes you take, but about the moments that take your breath away." - Author unknown

I just would like to share some moments that took my breathes away recently.

Photo above: One day, the house was surrounded by fogs (not frogs). It was mysterious, and I felt very cozy.

「人生は何回息をしたかではなく、何回息を呑む瞬間に出会ったかが大切だ。」 (誰の言葉かは不明)


写真上: ある日、家の周りは濃い霧に囲まれていました。とても心地良かったです。

While Ty was gone to Nikko, Japan for 4 days, I was holding the "fort" alone at home. When I went to a grocery store, I saw these beautiful purple flowers, so I asked the flowers to keep me company. I put them in the vase that happened to be stored at home, and they looked nice together.


One day, when Ty and I were going home after we did errands in the town, I saw this beautiful thunderhead. I could not help to say out loud, "Wow!" and surprised Ty. Sorry, Ty. Ty being so kind always took me to a place where it was easier to take photos of the cloud.


Massive. Growing.

What is inside?

When I was small, I used to believe that my grandpa who passed away was in the cloud, so I wrote a letter to him and tied it to a balloon, and let it go. I think he enjoyed reading it :-)


I wonder if the castle of Laputa is there...?

Cute, puffy clouds.

P.O. boxes at the Boulder Post Office on Walnut Street. There is some history, isn't it? Each box will receive letters that are longingly awaited (maybe some of them are not that awaited, though). These are fun and secrete boxes for many of us.


Tabla that Ty ordered for his students arrived from India! So many of them are there. Ty is inspecting each of them and tuning them. They look like eyes. These tabla will produce beautiful sounds by loved by people who love the instrument.


I washed this organic cotton bed sheet. This is the moment right after I put it on a bed. I visited the world that was so white, so fresh, and so flat and endless for a moment.


After I had a bowl of yogurt, I brought the bowl and a spoon to the washing sink. A little later, I saw the trace of the spoon as it sank to the bottom of the bowl. Can you see it?


After a short storm, this rainbow came out.


Many different things can happen, but the world is still full of beauty. That's what I strongly feel recently.



Report of My Recent Days 4 近況報告その4

Approaching to Chicago

Ty and I left Boulder at 10 am and arrived Chicago 5 am the next day. We drove 18 hours straight. (There were constructions, so we had a long detour.) I drove 2 hours out of 18 hours. I offered to drive more, but he said he would drive, so I did not force him to have me drive :-) I slept or looked the views running toward behind me. We listened to music, talked, and sometimes we just stayed silent. I was never bored. A road trip with Ty was very fun. Thank you, Ty for driving safely.


After we arrived in Chicago, we slept until noon, and then we went to see Ty's family. We had a yummy Italian food delivered to the home, and we had a wonderful time spending time together.


The next day, we picked up Steve Oda and went to a yoga studio called Moksha in Chicago. This is a photo of Steve and Ty transporting all the gears in a large, old-style elevator.


With the staff members of Moksha

Ty playing for the sound check

After the concert in Chicago, we moved to Fort Wayne in Indiana, and we were hosted by The Kachmann Mind Body Institute.

シカゴのコンサートの後には、インディアナ州にあるフォートウェインという市へ移動しThe Kachmann Mind Body Instituteというヨガスタジオでもコンサートを開かせてもらってきました。

The next day, we dropped Steve off at the airport, and then we drove up to Wisconsin to see Loren's grandma, Grandma Elsie there. It's been a year since I saw her the last time (April 2008). There have been many changes in my life since then. I am no longer a student, and I am working full-time. I am not with Loren anymore, and I am with Ty, and we are engaged. I am in the completely different world that I could not possibly imagine back then. Last summer, she already knew that Loren and I were not together anymore, but she did not know that I was engaged yet. A week prior to my visit with her this summer, Loren happened to be visiting her from Maui, and he told me that he told Grandma that I am engaged now, and I am engaged to a nice man that he likes. Yet, I still did not know how much she understood this information and how she was responding to it, so I felt a bit nervous as I was about to see her.

However, as soon as I step in to her room, I learned that the connection we have established over the years was still surely there between us, so I immediately felt comfortable and sat down at a chair as she told me to do so, and we began chatting. She looked a little bit skinner, and her hair was cut short, but beside that, she was the same Grandma Elsie I have known. Her keen sense of humor, tendency to want to give away anything, and her Elsie smiles were clearly still there. After we spent about two hours together, Loren's mom, Melanie also came to see me. We spent about a half hour while Grandma was having a dinner at the dining room. It was very nice to see her again. I appreciated that she made time to come see me. Then, the time to say good bye finally came. I am still not good at doing this.

Grandma asked me, "Where is your fiance?" I told her, "Well, he is resting in a car at the parking lot." Then, she said, "Why didn't you bring him?" I was not sure what to say, but as if Grandma knew what was going on, she said, "of course, I wanted you to be my real granddaughter, and I was sad when I heard that you and Loren were not together anymore, but I love you, Akari. He is part of you, so I automatically love him. Bring him down. I want to meet him." So, I went to look for Ty at the parking lot, and we came down to her room together. It was a short time, but Ty and Grandma had a nice time together. As it is less painful to cut the skin without hesitation, I thought that saying good bye in a clear and clean way would be less painful for her, so I told her that we had to get going and told her that I would come back again to see her. I kissed her cheek, hugged her skinny body, told her I love her, and turned around as I accepted her eyes filled with tears and her voice turning into a teary voice.

From this visit, I learned how deeply loved I am by her. I hope to visit her again next year. Fortunately, Ty's family live in Chicago, so whenever we visit them, we get to visit my non blood related but heart related grandma in Wisconsin.





A view I saw as we were driving back to Colorado.

It's almost Boulder! Do you see many bugs that were hit by our windshield? Sorry, bugs!

After the long trip, we slept deeply, and Ty began preparing for a concert and a workshop held in Nikko, Japan. While Ty was gone, I was going to hold the fort alone, so I learned how to get to certain places in the town (like grocery store, bank, and post office). We were able to squeeze in some time for a short hike as well. You can get to this place with this magical view of mountains in 5 minutes from the center of the city. You can step into nature so easily, and I think that's the most attractive part of living in Boulder, Colorado.


A large dandelion.

Pearly Street on Sunday

Of course. It is Boulder. Large rocks for children to play with.

Children seem to be happy playing with water. I wish I could play, too.

A young musician playing a violin

A large elk also came to check out the stores.

I found this nice hat at prAna. I have not bought a new cloth or an accessory item for myself for a long time. I feel guilty buying new clothes when I have enough, but I was missing a hat like this. I used to have one like this, but I lost it, so I decided to give a gift to myself.


It looks like this on my head.

The report of my recent days is done with this entry. From now on, I hope to update my blog more timely.


Report of My Recent Days 3 近況報告その3

In June, I did not have a teaching job, but I was working for Tala Records. When people find out I live on Maui, some of them say, "Oh, then you must go to beach everyday." Well, the reality is not that easy. Living in paradise is not cheap. Maui is expensive to live, so a lot of people have two jobs to keep up. There was not quite enough time to fully enjoy the summer time on Maui, but as I wrote in the previous blog entry, I enjoyed attending my friends' weddings and going for a half-day hike.

Then, Ty and I flew to Boulder, Colorado. Ty has lived in Boulder for the past twenty some years. Although he was traveling 80% of a year, he always kept Boulder as his "fort." We don't know yet where we will settle down after we get married. Ty wants to live in Japan sometime, so we are thinking to move among Boulder, Maui, and Japan. Well, we will see. The photo above is a beautiful sunset that we saw on the way to Kahului Airport on Maui as our friend, Mike Crall was driving us. It would be a short good bye to Maui. "I will come back soon, Maui."



On the other hand, Colorado welcomed us with a beautiful blue sky. (This sky was seen from a bus stop at Denver Airport.)


Ty travels with Tabla all the time, and sometimes, depends on which airline he uses, his check-in luggage over weighs. In such occasion, he takes out the high drum instead of paying the fee and makes it as a carry-on luggage. Therefore, he is holding his high drum as we were waiting for a bus.


As soon as we arrived at our Boulder home, we slept for about two days. It was truly needed. We had been going and going with wrapping up the school year, Dhvani show, Tala Records, and so on, so it was really good to just sleep. Plus, I didn't feel so good due to the high altitude and, and I got a minor cold while I was traveling. I usually have to be sick to relax (which is kind of sick), so it was a good timing to be sick, and the house is located at a very quiet neighborhood, and isolated from everything, so it feels as if only two of us exist in the world. A good environment to just go into a "cave" and recoup energy. The photo above is us playing a staring game after we made our hair like samurai's.


After we charged our "batteries," we were invited by Ty's long-time best friend, Timothy Dobson to play at the dance circle near Naropa University. Please read Ty's Diary for more details.

It was the 4th of July, and there was going to be fireworks, too. The photo above shows people gathering to find a spot to lie down to watch the fireworks.




We also had a wonderful hike to Indian Peaks.

A beautiful wild flower!

A wild mushroom.

I thought it was a brilliant color this moss has.

But you cannot relax too long. We had to get ready for concerts in Chicago and Fort Wayne (in Indiana). We packed up our staff and all the music gears in this blue Mercedes's van. It runs on diesel as well as bio diesel. It can carry many things, easily turns around, and is good for the environment.


We saw this cute, old car running as fast as any other car.

A bit closer. It's cute, but it looked a bit inconvenient to drive on highway because of the wind. I wonder if they could see the view.


"A view 1" I saw from the highway 80.

A view 2

A view 3

Oh, I see windmills the road ahead.

Oh, they are turning and turning.

To be continued...


Yellow Submarine Music Box イエローサブマリンのオルゴール

When I was looking for a birthday gift for my younger brother who is about to turn 23 in two days, I found this cute music box which plays "Yellow Submarine" by Beatles. As soon as I found it, it reminded me of one of my students who used to sing it out loud at the school. He is also having his 6th birthday at the end of this month.

Happy Birthday to my dear brother and my dear student!




Report of My Recent Days 2 近況報告その2

It's been awhile since the first report of my recent days.

Sorry. Well, here I go.

It will be like a photo diary.

Until the Dhvani show was over, our schedule and mind were occupied with Dhvani. After it was done, there was one day (only one day...) for Steve to have a day without any rehearsal or radio interview, so Ty and I took him to 'Ulupalakua and a bit beyond there.


It was very windy as you can tell.

The east side of Haleakala. Its view impresses me every time I go there.

After we dropped Steve off at the airport, we happened to stop by at an antique store in Wailuku, and Ty was looking at this guitar (we didn't buy it, though). I wish I could buy it for him, but not until I get some more $$$...

I babysat my friend's baby (one and half year old).

We went to a Japanese restaurant, Izakaya Matsu in Kihei to see Kyoko-san who works in the kitchen. She was the Shamisen player in the Dhvani show. The food is delicious. You should try it!

I bumped into one of my students wearing the disguise glasses at my friend's baby's birthday party. (It's a small world.)

Ty and I went to La Prouse Bay for a short hike.

I was mesmerized by whites and blacks. (The white things are coral dried up, and the black things are lava rock.)

I saw Mei who came to my class for about two and half months since last December at Baldwin Beach and played with her a bit.

It was a perfect beach day. I got a bit of sun burn.

Ty and I were invited to another wedding. My friend from college got married, and the site they chose was magnificent. You need to check in for a four-wheel drive truck shuttle service. Can you guess where it can be?

Your truck will look like this.

The answer was Pauwela Light House, north shore of Maui.

You will be able to see Jaws well from here.

We saw turtles swimming. (They are not in this photo, though.)

In June, Ty and I worked very hard on his business, Tala Records, but we had more time to socialize with people whom we don't get to see as often as we want to. I thank for my wonderful life.

All right. Well, that's it for now, and I will give you another report.