Dhvani ドゥバニ

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I am blessed with this wonderful opportunity to perform with Sarala Dandeker, Steve Oda, and Ty Burhoe at Maui Arts & Cultural Center Castle Theater on Friday, June 5th and at Aloha Pavilion in Napili on Saturday, June 6th. Also, I will be dancing with my dear dance sisters: Holly, Yako, Malati, and Lauren, and there will be special friends, Manju (vocal) and Kyoko (Shamisen) performing with us, too.

Date & Time: Friday, June 5th at 7:30 pm
Place: Maui Arts & Cultural Center (MACC), Castle Theater
Tickets are available at MACC's website or Box Office: http://www.mauiarts.org/june.html

Date & Time: Saturday, June 6th at time TBA
Place: Aloha Pavilion in Napili
More details will be updated later

The text below was taken from MACC website:

"Preeminent classical musician Ty Burhoe (Tabla) and dancer Sarala Dandekar (Odissi Dance) collaborate to create an authentic inspiring cultural experience based on traditional Indian Odissi and Japanese Yasokoi Dance with live classical music. Steve Oda (Sarode) & Akari Ueoka (Yosakoi Dance) round out this amazing world-class performance troupe. Experience the beauty, elegance and grace of sacred dance with mesmerizing ragas and electrifying rhythms that will elevate your spirits. Come share in this truly unique and inspirational night!"

A short sample movie is available below:

I am enjoying our rehearsals three days a week. I will be dancing Izanai Yosakoi piece called Musuhi as well. Also, I will be dancing an Odissi piece called Batu in front of an audience for the first time, and Sarala and I will do one dance piece together. Steve and Ty will play beautiful traditional Indian music. I have ideas coming to me everyday. I am grateful for having such a wonderful opportunity to perform with amazing artists. My heart is filled with much happiness and inspiration.

A brief explanation of what Yosakoi is:
Yosakoi means “Good World Has Come” and is an annual dance festival that originated in Kochi after the World War II in the hope of recuperation after devastating losses. Nothing remained except music and the dancing. Yosakoi united people and generated new hope for the next generations. Now, Suga Kunitomo has evolved Yosakoi to the next level called Izanai Yosakoi. Izanai means “an invitation to be awakened”. Through this Izanai Yosakoi dance, we pray for world peace and unity. The Izanai Yosakoi dance piece Akari will perform in this program is called Musuhi. It is about Japanese ancient gods who gave birth to all the creatures in a legendary myth.

---------------------------- Japanese ----------------------------

この度、私の踊りの先生であるサララ・ダンデカーと、スティーブ・オダと、タイ・バーホーと、6月5日金曜日にマウイにありますマウイ アート アンド カルチュラルセンターのキャッスルシアターにて、そして6月6日土曜日にナピリにありますアロハパビリオンにて、一緒にパフォーマンスをする素晴らしい機会に恵まれました。その他にも、私のダンスシスターズ(一緒にサララから学んでいるお友達たち)であるホリー、ヤコ、マラティとローレンも踊っています。そしてマンジュがボーカルを、恭子さんが三味線を弾いてくれることになっています。

日時: 6月5日金曜日
場所: Maui Arts & Cultural Center (MACC), Castle Theater
チケットはMACCのウェブサイトにて購入出来ます(もしくはBox Officeに電話してくださいませ): http://www.mauiarts.org/june.html

日時: 6月6日土曜日
場所: アロハパビリオン

以下の文はマウイ アート アンド カルチュラルセンターのウェブサイトから抜粋しました。(訳は私です。急いでしたので、日本語変ですみません。)




hisui said...




Chimiko said...

Good for you!
We are really looking forward to enjoying your performance and seeing you and Ty again.

Geoffrey and Chimiko

Akari Ueoka said...


Akari Ueoka said...


Thank you for your comment. I look forward to seeing you and Geoffrey there, too.



BreeWee said...

Oh I so wish you were going to perform on the BIG ISLAND!
Hope it goes well, have so much fun. You look really happy lately, Im so glad for you!!

Akari Ueoka said...

Dear BreeWee,

Thank you for your comment. Yes, we wish we could fly to neighbor islands and perform, too.
Yes, I am very happy and enjoying my life. I would like to be able to always say so no matter how what life brings to me.

Hugs to you, too.


amy said...

aloha akari!!
since i've been traveling for so long, i haven't been in touch with you so much lately (i've been in cambodia for the past month, where i've been teaching english and playing with children at a wonderful orphanage, and biking to the temple complex at angkor wat, which has been so amazing)
but i just had a chance to catch up on your *excellent* blog, and have been so happy to read about your beautiful life, and lovely ideas. you are a bright and sparkly reflection of all the world's beauty, Akari!!!
i am so happy for you, with the excitement of your engagement to someone who appears to be so amazing, your beautiful dance performances, and incredible work as a teacher. Well done, love!